Ipsos WhySpace

Quality Research. Fast

Ipsos WhySpace is a flexible research tool that allows you to collect insights on different levels to suit your needs:

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From DKK 25.000 per project
Delivery: From 48 hours

Focused deep dive within one selected area incl. top line report of approx. 2 slides with key insights.

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From DKK 40.000 per project
Delivery: From 72 hours

Deep dive and light ethnographic options such as video and image sharing. Top line report of approx. 10 slides with key insights, images and video clips.

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From DKK 60.000 per project
Delivery: From 96 hours

Deep dive and expanded ethnographic options such as in-home use. Report of 10 - 15 slides with key insights, images and video clips.

We have gathered a representative sample of the general Danish population who are ready to help you gain a better understanding of Danish consumer behaviour. With Ipsos WhySpace, you get direct access to the consumers quickly and efficiently through their smartphones, tablets and computers. Our experienced qualitative experts are ready to moderate the discussions, conduct surveys, and collect videos and images directly from the consumers' daily lives, ensuring you high quality insights. All the results are gathered in an easily accessible and customised report to you.


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